Can’t Go Back Now, We’re Just a song Away

Today sucks? Can’t wait until tomorrow. Well good for you that tomorrow can be just a song away.

We’ve all had those days. You know the one I mean…you spilled on your new white dress shirt, tripped in front of the cute guy (or gal) or simply forgot about something and just feel rotten. Not an ordinary “blue day”, but one that’s got you thrown off. Or perhaps you’re just looking so much to the future that although things are okay, they just seem like they would be so much better when that magic thing happens and the countdown can end. Well I guarantee you, the better day will come, the life changing happening will happen.

If you are still in doubt, look no further than right here for a few steps as to how make the most of your day and last until the next.

1)      Drink some water, and smile. This will sincerely make a difference, I promise

2)      Breathe. There’s nothing worse than getting hyped up and not able to focus. And headaches and stressing will just make things seem longer away and slower moving.

3)      Walk, dance, or skip. This goes along with smiling – move around and laugh a bit.

4)      Do something that makes you happy. Seeing a coworker on the next floor, grabbing your favorite coffee (don’t worry about making it “skinny”, just get WHATEVER you want), or taking yourself to a nice restaurant or favorite food cart next to the  park. Just do it.

5)      Remember. This day will end and a better will come. The moment or time or situation that should be just around the corner will come. Be nervous, anxious and excited but remember to live moment to moment simultaneously.

 So, just take a chill pill people. It’ll all be okay.

Thanks to Hockey’s “Song Away” and The Weepies “Can’t Go Back Now”… oh, and go take a listen to those now.

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