2000 and 2010

The photos are finally in everyone, including one from 2000! My Grandpa emailed me a photo of my brother and I after we finished our wood sail boats. We thought they were pretty much the coolest thing ever, and although the took us probably all day, we learned a lot from…watching Big Grandpa cut the lines we had drawn out.

This year’s wood project was a bit heftier than that one though, but i’m proud to say that it is complete. The photos below were taken with my phone, so more accurate and clear ones will most likely be available on my flickr. (Click image to see it a bit larger)

I have to leave you now, to read more of Wilkie Collin’s The Moonstone (a great read if you’ve got some time)! It’s one of the first English detective novels I may add. Happy spring.


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