Fully Living

Living. Truly living. How do you know if you are? How do you truly live? Well this weekend has been a weekend of truly living, of feeling happy in the mind, body and spirit. There’s no lying that this week was a hard and long one, and that this weekend also hosts a lot of work (well, and even next week being crazy), but within that there was also a lot of joyous moments.

Friday brought the first big joys with a late late night. Staying awake through normal “bedtime” was hard at first, but after watching some tv and a movie and getting properly dressed for the pie fight, we were off for an evening of Headphone Disco (yes, you wear headphones and dance), food and henna tattoos. After staying up with those fun activities we were ready for the pie fight to break a world record. After signing in, getting our hands marked that we were counted and entering the pie throwing area all that was left to do was wait for the go to pick up pies, then to start throwing (you can see videos in the previous post). After being covered in pie all that was left to do was get it all off of us and get to bed.

This morning brought the first of many Relays events. Although we lost, we had a lot of fun playing sand volleyball. The court wasn’t too far away and the weather ended up perfect! Sure we got a little sunburned, but it was well worth it.

As the temperature was at it’s high (83 F!) for the day, we departed for a short choir concert downtown. In a very beautiful cathedral we heard the Drake University Choir and Community Choir preform Franz Joseph Hayden’s Missa in angustus (Nelson Mass).  With wonderful friends, seeing other wonderful friends preform, we were taken away by the power of the Drake orchestra and vocal performers.

Now the time for bed has come, or will come soon, and bring another day of fully living tomorrow. I’m hoping to explore a bit in the morning and enjoy some reflecting time perhaps. I also have a lot of reading to do, but luckily the work is extremely interesting.

So here is to living. To the people that we go on adventures with both near and far. To the songs that set the tone and keep us going. Here’s to the memories of yesterday propelling us to the dreams of today. To the sun setting washing the sky in glorious colors and to the moon watching over us and helping us sleep.

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