So many times since graduation from Conserve School I have had “Conserve Nights.” These nights and other moments are times when I feel that sense of home…and safety. Sometimes these thoughts last for a split second, and sometimes they last for the remainder of the day or evening. This past weekend though while spending time with some great friends I was able to feel a “Drake Night”. I was at home. I was safe, loved and happy for the time I was in. Don’t get me wrong, the Conserve Nights were not a painful experience or anything of the sort, but simply what those experiences made me think of. So tonight as I sit in my room with the cold spring air rolling in I feel a sense of home for the Conserve part of me, but also very at home because of what Drake has become for me.

And now my friend Lauren is complaining that the rooms an ice-box. “Oh yea, cause the windows open.” You dork, I love you. And yes, because the window is open and it’s finally a little cooler outside.

Here’s to homes, new friends and a forever family we have created with each other and this place.


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