Rainy Friday


It’s a rainy friday here in Des Moines…and while I should be looking at homework, food and event blogs are a lot more interesting. 

Leslie Sarna’s site is full of some events and a ton of really lovely food. Lots of meatless options as well, and they look absolutely devine!  She’s also got a really great recipe for Cinnamon Bun Cupcakes that i’m going to have to try once I get home! Be sure to check it out!

Also on her site is a newlywed guide to stocking a panrty. I really think this could work for any group of people living together though, even friends in an apartment. Some may seem obvious, but there’s also some great photos of how to keep things organized without it getting stuck in the back of the shelf.

As usual, i’m also checking out the Wheather Reports from my Wheathermen’s Union friends.

As my business professor said, future friends aren’t going to come just knocking on you’re door. You have to try. >>>

Found image. One of many I have saved up, but great idea.


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