Some of tonights findings…

Bill Drop – Originally found on The Curious Brain, this short video describes how one company is making it easy to look at and seriously consider your electric bill. Maybe one day this will allow more people to seriously look at all the power, water, waste and other natural resources that they use in one day, week, month and year. Then year after year you’d be able to make a big change in the way you life and survive.

“You never really appreciate your parents fridge until you look into your own and its full of nothing but condiments.” [Nate Reiners] This afternoon that status was set. Possibly seems insignificant, but it’s all too true. Even in a little fridge the regular snack carrots and sparkling water are the main occupants. Also this afternoon, a few girls from down the hall posted an article from about The Family Dinner. I have to admit I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but am fortunate and very happy that family dinner happens quite often here at Drake.


I can’t wait to have a wall of bookshelves…or a few walls…


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