This week, next and the week after.

The countdown to the end of the year is here….really here. Final touches are happening on my drawing projects and 3D projects, and passages are getting edited for my Reading and Writting Drama Course. Summer felt so far away at one point, but now travel plans are drastically coming together to happen in just two weeks. I’m excited and nervous and almost ready to begin the bit of exploring i’m going to do as well as getting ready for Day Camp.

So. Here is what I have on the board for the next few weeks. First i’ll finish my drawings and 3D things (pictures will come eventually). After that comes…

The Green Festival! This isn’t solidified in the plans yet, but with public transportation discounts and a wealth of companies there to speak with (and lots of great loot to pick up!)…it would be the best way to spend my first day home.

After that I’ll have a few quick meetings for work, and am planning on heading up to Conserve School for a few ways. I need to get back to the woods for a bit and maybe even jump in the lake.

I’m sure this afternoon will bring some more posts of random findings. Right now i’m off to pack the close I need for the next few weeks and start getting everything else packed up to go home. I love it and hate it all at the same time. Oh, and take a look at my flickr (links on the left) to see a few photos from Drake Relays. Have a great afternoon everyone, it’s wonderful here!


One comment on “This week, next and the week after.

  1. Let me know if you decide to head over to the Green Festival. I will be there and I have a few extra tickets.

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