Saturday Shorts

Today is a sharing day…lots of little a la carte things that i’ve found here and there that I could not resist passing on to you all.

After Stumbling and then hopping from blog to blog I am across this little gem called Tiny Choices. The title itself is something that makes a positive impact…because it really only does take tiny choices to make a big difference.

Here’s a simple craft project, that even kids could do to keep them busy! Techniqually it’s a bit out of season, but it could be very summery too..perhaps with a few butterflys or flowers? So go ahead, take your old magazines and make something out of them!

I can never rave about this last one enough. Better World Shopper is there to help you vote with your dollars. There’s even an app for this one, to make your time in the grocery store, department strore or even along the highway in need of a snack stop a smarter move. I do agree that take thing time to look through the book or on the app may take some extra time, but would be rather deal with everything that’s wrong with the environment and happening to the animals and unfare actions to farmers and civilians, or stop it before it starts and vote with your dollars.


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