high of 94


I’m pretty sure it reached 94 today. It was crazy humid outside as well. Thank goodness for the school turning on the AC just two days ago. Yes yes, we could have gotten by, but it is much more pleasant and possible to sleep now.

The next few days are really crazy. But there is also a sense of calm that comes with this finals time. As i’m sure I mentioned in my other blogs post, these finals are not just the tests, projects and various papers that we have to turn in, but the final times we are with our friends in this particular setting. Because i’ve been here before (moving out, summers of anticipating being with friends) I know that summer will go fast, and early mornings and late evenings in the library are just around the corner.

Overall I’ve been really happy this semester. Not to spill my heart out to just everyone, but I really have loved my time at Drake. My preparation at Conserve School really did help me in being more or less successful this first year in college. There were so many things that I learned, that I am even now just recognizing, especially non-consciously. But the most successful thing…probably learning how to pack.

Okay, maybe not most important. But it’s nice to know I don’t really have to worry about it all too much until a little later.

All that’s left between me and the car (for the 6 hour drive) is to finish writing a play and response about it, as well as an Art History exam. After that my lovely father will be here to take the roommate and I home, and we’ll get checked out of the dorm and out of here.

So close, yet so far. I’m happy though. Living in the moment and doing my best to take it in, since I’ll never be back here. Because of this time there’s also lots of little things I’m posting as I find them and think about them… I just can’t help but share the colorful, beautiful, inspiring and motivational things I find.

It’s early…but time for bed now. Until the next random information…which I hope you enjoy seeing.


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