Alright, so I’ moved back home and things haven’t gotten posted on here much. I’m sorta unpacking and adjusting to it all, so hopefully i’ll get rolling soon.

One really neat thing since being home has been hearing about the Global Kilimanjaro Bowl. Drake is playing the game against a Mexican Team (all-american…that seems like the wrong term though…) And, I just found out that we (Drake) won 17-7. It’s really neat seeing all the guys on the team with the kids. And not only are they playing the game, but they’ve hosted football camps, are helping with the building efforts of a wing of a hospital, as well as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Just a tiny little undertaking. If you’d like to follow more you can view the even’ts Facebook page, or stop by Drake University’s President Maxwell’s blog accounting the happenings. There’s also an official website with some more pictures and such. Best of luck to the guys as they continue they’re journey.

As for me today, i’ve got some more unpacking and organizing to do…as well as getting things ready for my little campers!

Have a grand day everyone!


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