Summer Happenings

I’m hunkered down in the house today… this doesn’t even show how horribly bad things have been…but i’m pretty sure the lightly hit a transformer in the alley. Finished somewhat experimental baking this morning and doing some work today too.

As short as this summer may be, there’s lots going on. I may have mentioned this before…or maybe not, but this blog is as much about sharing as it is about keeping track of things. So this lady has lots to do this summer…some of which is…

  • Scholarship Research: There’s lots of research that needs to happen this summer for some $$$ for school. If anyone has info where I can get some, that’s be great. I know about the sites, but thought there could be something to do with my Art Education/Therapy/Appreciation/Interpretive/Artist pathway.
  • Guitar: I WILL learn to play guitar this summer. I WILL. I just need to start.
  • Health: This summer will be tiring with camp, but I’m going to work on happy health and toning for a while.
  • Golf: I may not be that good, but i’ll have fun at the driving range and maybe even make my way to the real course 🙂
  • Reading and Writting: I hope to spend some time catching up and reading some “fun” yet deep reads, as well as working on some writing projects.
  • Career/Life – Live, Laugh, Love: The somewhat biggy thing i’m doing this summer is looking at what I may want to do for the next few summers or years…possibly after that. It’s not setting or figuring out “the plan” for the rest of my life, but rather, looking into what could be possibilities. What this really means is looking at possible terms, positions, ideas, etc. that my scattered ideas and dreams could fit into a “box”.
So there it goes…wish me luck!

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