Summer Favorites

How long ago did I mean to post this? Yes, it was a while ago. But alas, it is here…so lets get movin!

 My family has used Aveda products for as long as I can remember. There familiar smell, careful touch and wonderful results make them something we almost can’t live without. So many shampoos make wonderful body washes, and the mission of the company is something I fully support as well.

But this summer I am taking full advantage of this part of the Sun Care line. This protective veil is perfect for my long days in the sunshine and pool with day camp. Spraying this on wet or dry hair I’m happy to know that the chlorine and dryness of summer won’t get the best of my hair. Plus, it’s a lot better washing pool water hair when this protects your hair first.

If you’re concerned about prices, don’t be. What you are paying for is a product that helps the future of our world and the people in it, as well as the fact that each container goes a pretty far way. Plus, it all smells really good.



 I’m hooked on this. I keep having to get bigger makeup bags for all the colors i’ve collected. Essie is an aged company with the perfect colors for whatever event, or pajama party, you’re attending. Even if you just paint your toes in the winter for yourself, turn to these colors for a lasting home done mani/pedi.

Not only does this company offer great colors, there are also a lot of different top coats (Matte About You turns any polish matte, and makes it seem like you have even more colors than you do!), as well as treatments for all sorts of nails.



 This one I found out about through Allure’s annual review of beauty supplies. It’s rated as the best waterproof mascara because it doesn’t move around your face at all, but yet while doing that doesn’t rip your lashes out. Estee Lauder’s Sumptuous Waterproof Mascara offers the chance for me to look a little put together, without over the top made up – perfect for summer work, or backyard grill-outs that are super casual, but when you want a girly touch too.




 This ones for the guys too! I haven’t had the chance to use this all too much, but it’s great so far. A sunscreen with full coverage, that REALLY doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or shiny or heavy or greasy. Put some on and go enjoy the sunlight!


That’s all i’ve got for now. Come back  later for some more products and maybe even summer stories! Stay cool and not sunburned this summer everyone!


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