Geared Up

I don’t have it down to the number of days, but I am slowly but surely getting geared up for school. In just a few short weeks I’ll be moving back in to my dorm with three lovely friends at Drake University.

Realizing that I haven’t updated family and whoever else gets on here to check things out, maybe I should do so. Work is almost done, and i’m unpacking and repacking. Yeap, that’s about it : )

In all reality though, i’m looking at my schedule for this fall and getting my free time blocked out. By that I mean i’m looking at where my time allows me to move into the library to read and study, as well as the time that I have for volunteering and job shadowing. It sounds like an empty goal, but the amount of time I have i’m glad I can use it to both do some good as well as gain experience while doing so.

Just a quick little update, as now i’m off to see what books I need to try and track down for my Ecology courses this year. Have a good Sunday!


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