I have clearly abandoned this work space. Left it. It’s dusted over, and not with flour to help the work surface. To be honest though, I feel the least bit mad or sad or disappointed with this fact. And that is because this has been a really great summer. Good family time, great hanging time, perfect evening walks when it’s a bit cooler outside, enjoying the peace that there is at home. I am excited to be back at school, I couldn’t help but think and plan where all of my things are going to go as I went through my packing bins yesterday afternoon. (More of which will be happening this afternoon. The office supplies. My favorite. 😀 )

This wordpress isn’t the only digital internet page I abandoned a lot this summer, surprising my Flickr account felt it as well, although I did manage to post a little here and there. My most recent photo (pie, links to right and above) captures another love of mine (especially when at home) of baking and cooking. Not sure where that falls in, more a plug for my photos I suppose..

As I pack for the school year I begin to think about the hours babysitting (new gig!), time in the library and wondering through the dining hall piecing together a meal to satisfy. These are all (mostly) good things for which I am beyond ecstatic to have the opportunity to do. Flashing back after a great summer are the images of syllabuses for every class, and anticipation of what my first ecology class and lab will be like. Don’t get me wrong though, I am very excited for school to start. I like school. Even when it’s hard and I don’t seem to like it.

There’s not much else to share at this point in time. Just living life and trying to have some fun. Looking for opportunities for next summer though already, and it  feels good to know what i’m working for right now.

Take care internet world. My posts can only get better from here after the month of abandon.


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