Simply Summer

I haven’t managed to do an obnoxious amount of surfing around the internet, but here’s a few really neat things I ran across recently…



New Use For Your Waffle Iron – Then use THESE recipes to make some really creative sandwiches!

I recently finished this book, a good summer read. The Beach House tells a story from a variety of views of lives that all end up coming together. Although many books host that sort of happening, this story is done so in a way that isn’t too cliche or cheesy. The characters are interesting, and you really see and get to know and appreciate them.





I just started this book and very much love it. I’m nervous because i’m starting it and going back to school, but will make sure I get time for personal reading because it is so great. This book starts with the 1800s history of a tree, then goes to the modern (2003) story of a women, her late husbands chapel and the 240 year old tree that shouldn’t be growing in California. Although i’ve just begun this book I know it’ll be a good one. I hope.








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