I’m still here!

Alrighty. So, environmental science and ecology have my TOTALLY daydreaming right now, and lack of wordpressing has me itchy to write something on here. Today’s daydreaming is my house…all the simple and friendly things I want to incorporate in it. I shouldn’t think too much about it, but I really can’t wait for chickens… water barrels from the gutters and a huge garden/mini farm. Duel flush toilets and somehow making it possible (with laws and such it’s tricky) of using grey water for things it can be used for. I’m excited to knit next to a fireplace and cook yummy food in an amazing kitchen. It will come soon enough.

I’m enjoying living in the moment right now though too. I’m currently camped out in the library at school, and switching between projects right now. It’s warmed up a little and wonderful to feel the breeze on my legs and arms, and smile in the sunshine. Last night was a complete blast – I got to go downtown Des Moines with a fantastic friend for a delicious dinner and awesome play (which another friend was in!), and then a relaxing night finishing a fleece blanket. Today started early camped out at Starbucks for a few hours, then food and now more work. To update everyone on the misc. quick rundown – classes are going mostly well. Accounting is tricky but i’m going to spend some more quality time with it…in a bit. I’m getting ready to register for next semester and figuring out my January plans as well as next summer. So, lots of charts and color coding is in this girls future.

Right now i’m majorly hooked on quotes again, so perhaps i’ll start posting some on here vs. just saving them to my computer.

All for now. Going to go do accounting so maybe one day i’ll know the best way to purchase all the things I can. Maybe.

Peace, love, sunshine and running through the prairie. – KC


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