I’m back!

I’m back – not sure for how long, but I’ve got a few projects I’d like to get posted on here to show off and just remember for myself as well. So without further a due, here’s some updates on what’s been going on in the meantime *

– I am officially working towards my BA in Environmental Art and Science, Minor in Leadership Education and Development (L.E.A.D.), Minor in English. I plan to graduate May of 2014

– Currently enjoying winter break…. crafting, tea, documentaries and some reading are on the non existent list of things to do

– I’ve still  really enjoyed my time in Des Moines, but am very excited to get out into the woods, some camping, some sort of wilderness or road trip. Maybe it could happen. Could I write about a cross country roadtrip, or two cliche?  National Park Pass, Diners Drive-ins and Dives and some darn good sunsets? Let’s do it.

– Just finished watching Tapped, an environmentalist movie, but still some really good points made throughout the entire film.


* I would also like to publicly write that I have not created or continued this blog in order to publish my entire life onto the internet for public knowledge. Should this area be chosen to be viewed, followed, forwarded on (please give my work notice where it should be) that is  perfectly okay, but this is not a place for rants, etc. about people, nor is it to share that I think something is right and you should follow. I will display things that are interesting, thought provoking, world forwarding and moving and possibily things that would better the planet, but in no way am I saying things are “right” in the way that you have to follow them, or that I support every thing someone says or does just because I post it on here. Please contact me with questions, comments, or concerns regarding this.


I also finished this project today – very easy, simple clearance fabric and a practically free tote  bag!

Uneven coloring, but it was such an easy project and that's all you need to see!


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