More Projects!

I’m almost done with another project, soon to start another one too! I’ve been working on an infinity scarf for the last…well, few weeks. It’s been slow going. I shall post some photos when i’m done with it (just have to bind off now!)

This afternoon I am going to start (and finish) a quickish chair re-do. It’s a simple chair from an old desk of my mothers (that we put in a nook in my room – although we had to shave a bit off the side. With this chair i’ll be taking off the seat bottom, then adding new foam and fabric, stapling the fabric on and putting it all back together! Should be that easy. I probably won’t be painting it again today, but if I needed to do so it wouldn’t be too hard to afterword with some tape and paper/garbage bag rigging up.

This break I also purchased (sale, yes) Onward. This Starbucks history book has been providing me with some more business model/leadership/decisions information that is interesting going into another leadership and development course this semester. Although not everyone agrees with what Starbucks did/does, or maybe you don’t even like their coffee, this book is very interesting in taking a deeper look into the corporation. I do believe the small feel could still be pushed more in each store, but it is remarkable hearing about what has happened and what is happening now because of that.

I also picked up this little gem at the bookstore – a happy birthday to me! I’ll also be using this one with class i’m sure. It’s an interesting book on presenting, and especially what to do to not be the blabber in front of the room. The graphics are interesting and fun throughout, also illustrating what they mean (ah! When words don’t work! Smile). This book is nicely broken out into a format that you can read as sections over time, or plow through for quick help. I have yet to start this, but I am very excited to see what it holds inside!

All for now. – KC

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