2 in one month, wow! I’m quite a bit behind but wanted to through a little something up here, even as a simple update for myself to look back at later.

Currently on a week Spring Break from Drake, I’ve been relaxing and figuring out some summer details. I’ve announced on facebook but will post it here as well – I will be working in Calumet, MI at Keweenaw National Historical Park as a Park Guide for the summer. I am excited to take this position, and excited to work in such a beautiful building. You can learn more about the new visitors center online here. Last weekend my father and I ventured up there to work on housing for the summer (travel trailer living for the summer!) as well as to explore and meet with my supervisor. The next photo should be me in a park uniform (and better background of grass and fully leaved trees!)

The rest of break shall include more coffee, english paper writting, and finishing some art projects! Lots and lots to do in just a few days, it’s very crazy but a fun point in my life as well.

– KC


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