The Day I Left Des Moines and Saw a Jackson Pollock

I’ve successfully made it home, and already finished my last papers, unloaded and the car and even mowed the grass! And sleeping, that’s been nice too.

I left campus Wednesday afternoon, which was obviously bittersweet. I was excited to be going home because I knew the next adventure was out there, while reflecting one what a great year I had had. That morning I spent some time with my LEAD mentor Laura (Check out her blog!) who, among some other really great advice for me said that I needed and had to check out the Polluck that the Des Moines Art Center…and i’m very glad I did.

After stopping for some food and filling up on cheap Iowa gas I ventured home. Can’t wait for mum to get home tomorrow night, and then Mother’s Day feast on Sunday!

The countdown, unpacking, and repacking has also begun for Geoffrey’s Graduation from Wayland academy (he’s coming to Drake!) and my move to Calumet, Michigan for the summer! Look for a post coming soon about my summer gig and what regular updates will be like.

All for now..


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