Summer 2012: Campsite Updates

Oh what a week it has been! After journeying to the Upper Peninsula last week, i’ve settled in a bit more and made it home (almost). Like I believe I’ve mentioned before, things are going well. I’ve already learned a lot about the Park Service, my job, and even some more about the area. I’ve got a ton of work left to do, a lot to learn. The next two weeks will be very long with all staff seasonal training, so I’m enjoying the few days off I have to rest up, relax, and finish settling in.

I’m still trying to get photos to upload to this site, but it’s not working right now! I’ve posted a public album onto Facebook so please take a look out there for a few shots of the site and such. If you have troubles, let me know!


One comment on “Summer 2012: Campsite Updates

  1. Mom of Katherine says:

    We miss you… but Ronja Eskola is going to borrow your room for a few days. We will have to skype with you constantly then! Give Ethan a treat… enjoy the days of calm! Go outside and play in a puddle!

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