Days off… Climbing Trees!

My last few days off have been nice…. They’ve been busy and they’ve had a lot of downtime too. Having worked for so many days right off the bat the time to settle it, organize, attack the camper with 3M hooks, and learn my way around a bit more was much appreciated.

The biggest thing to share is probably some more details about this summer travel trailer living. While it does feel more like very early spring or even fall – nights have been around or below 40, and today finally! got up to just above 55 – the woods and sunshine are very nice to get to enjoy. At this point I am just hoping I don’t take too much advantage of my setting and that I keep up enough energy, physically and mentally, to keep exploring. Living in the trailer is great because I very easily can go outside.. both to do chores (fill the water tank, laundry, etc.) as well as for more enjoyable things (cooking, eating, reading, etc.)

Some details: The entire frame is about 29 x 8 ft.. that gives me about… 232 sq. feet. In all reality though, there’s about 10 sq feet of floor space… but I’m making it work : ) Living in this small of a space that is an entire house means there is obviously a lot of instant clutter to maintain, so keeping on top of it is honestly the best remedy to handling it. Like I mentioned before, 3M hooks are helping along with everything else having it’s own place. I’ve also started using a “miscellaneous” bin which is where anything that I don’t want to deal with at the moment will go – and it’s fine there but only until the bin is full (and then it all goes back to where it belongs!)

My mother asked me a few days into this if I’ve gone out and gotten paper plates yet. Well, there are some in the camper. But no, I haven’t used any yet! Having to fill the water tanks up every day though does make me aware of how much water I easily use in a day though. Along with hand washing everything, keeping up with the cat, and obviously keeping everything organized it somewhat feels like I’m living a past dream of simply “living to live”. Well, it’s like that while I’m off of work, but once work gets going again this week I’ll have to keep up with the craziness of.. well, just myself I suppose!

One of my difficulties so far has actually been ‘shutting off’ and just being. I knew that it would take time to learn to do this again, but it really is like re-training yourself to be able to sit. Or sit and read. And not have to be doing three other things simultaneously or have music on all the time. While work has been keeping me busy, three days alone to just kick back has taken lots of practice at returning to the love I have for embracing the simplicity of just living. Doing this as “work-life balance” with those days I work more is also interesting because I’m still in a place where I’m learning and absorbing so much at work that I somewhat feel I need to do that continually, while it’s probably better (and healthier I’m  sure) to leave it in Calumet and just enjoy unwinding when I get home. That will be my challenge this week for myself. : )

I was able to finally do this yesterday though (a full day off). While I got antsy to be moving after just a bit, I used the wilderness to cinch that fix. Okay, the wilderness next to my campsite. But this still counts, because instead of turning to a movie, video came or some other “time waster”, I climbed a tree. Yep, this girl climbed a tree just for fun, something I haven’t done in… who knows how long. It was pretty cool though, and it’ll be happening again.

All for now – have to do get ready for another busy day! Hopefully it’ll warm up today… it was freezing (literally, 32F) last night.

As always, please let me know what else you’d like to know! I’m still getting going and all, but I appreciate you checking out what i’m up to!



One comment on “Days off… Climbing Trees!

  1. Mom of Katherine says:

    next time use a safety harness…

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