Practice: Being, Simply Being

While today was a somewhat hectic day, this evening has been pretty great. After I made dinner I did manage to just sit and not move for a while (I really must have been tired!).. but after dishes were done and Ethan had his snack I decided to go for a stroll. This campground is nice because there is very easy access to the shore (which is the waterway – not Lake Superior). So, after I wondered for a bit and saw who was here for the weekend I decided to go sit along the waters edge…


Tonight the water was extremely flat (sorry for the cell-phone quality pic – but i’ll get there in a minute). There were several clouds overhead, but everything was extremely soft and calm.

[As I am writing this – outside – I realize that I should tell you it is just now getting darker (at 9:55pm eastern) and the birds are wildly singing out].

Tonight I just sat, and watched. Tonight I just was. I was just being, there. On the shore… watching the small details around me.

I didn’t bring my camera with me either. While this is only partially on purpose, I am actually very glad I didn’t have it with me. I’m absolutely positive that the sunset was amazing from the Big Lake’s shore, no doubt about it.. but a very large part of me feels extremely rewarded in just watching the light change tonight. While having new photos to share with you all makes me happy as well, tonight’s practice wasn’t in the correct settings for a cloudy sunset (which makes them easier and more fun to photograph actually) nor in any way  forcing myself to be away from something technological and simply enjoy it. Tonight I just was. As I sat there on the shore of the waterway, away from many of the extra noises that constantly surround us all, I was able to just focus on what was around me. How the grasses stood still.. how I could see my smile in the reflection of the water.. I saw bugs dancing along the water before taking off to shore or the air. I heard frogs in the distance… and the light laughter of people gathered at a site near by. 

Now as I sit here I get to hear a bird fly over, grunting with each flap of its wings on it’s way home… the few Maples and many White Pines protect me from most of the sprinkles that are hovering overhead (oh what a sound that is… a raindrop on a leaf)… I get to continue appreciating this and send all my hopes to you, that you may go and find a tiny bit of peace, even if for you there are more engineered noises, or people hustling around, or you have to search to hear the sound of an old cash register clanking and ringing up.

Enjoying peace and being able to observe things like I did tonight doesn’t only happen when there is little or no movement of ones self… and hopefully tomorrow i’ll be able to find that same joy from the seat of my bike..




2 comments on “Practice: Being, Simply Being

  1. MOM says:

    I promise to go outside and experience our little nature in the backyard, watering the mini garden and planting flowers today!

  2. Grandma Thorn says:

    Opened the kitchen door this morning and heard the beeping of a truck/construction equipment at the new school, a train passing on the tracks and blowing its horn, makes me wish for the quiet you are enjoying.

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