Currently Loving: Mrs. Meyer’s

Hey everyone! First, thanks so much for checking out what i’m up to. I’ve enjoyed my time so far, but lots of formal training these next two weeks will be exhausting. BUT, one thing that I really enjoy about coming home is getting to use this stuff: Mrs. Meyers.

While I haven’t yet ventured into more of their products besides what i’ve got now (my favorite I suppose too!) I’m excited to. The cleaner i’ve used is Basil Countertop Spray … the smell is fresh, clean, refreshing. I’ve seen it at Target, as well as some other grocery stores, so it’s pretty reachable. Prices aren’t bad either, and it really does do only good – it cleans without leaving harsh chemicals or smell as such, and has great philosophies and dreams.

Their story is one to be highly respected and followed… encouraging to see what’s going on, and easy to love because of the great scents.



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