Keeping Up

Well, looks like it’s another long stint between posts. Thank you for all keeping up with these posts, I realize they are spread out, but I promise it is for good reason, and that is because the new seasonal staff has been in training all last week, as well as this week as well. 

I have some writing to do for homework (I am receiving credit for this summer… and have fallen a little behind lately with that) but of course I had to post something on here too. 

The training has been long, but good. I’ve gotten more information on the interpretation programs that I will be leading, and learned and fully understood that they will be very much fueled by the interests and research that I have. This week we have also started visiting all of the Heritage Sites for the Park so that we will be better informed about the parks and places we work with. 

It’s been a long, long, day… and I am going to have to turn in for the evening. It’s… 9:42, but hopefully by 10pm it’ll be at least a little more dim so I can get some rest. Again, thanks for checking in. Post Office above if you’ve got any questions, comments, or just wondering about anything (or even as a Guest Book!). 

Enjoy the clouds tomorrow! 

(Flickr photos to come)


One comment on “Keeping Up

  1. Marty Butler says:

    Hey, Katherine
    Hope you’re doing well; sounds as if you are. Aunt Marty

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