Stormy, Stormy Outdoors. Bustling Indoors. (DELAYED POST)

(I wrote this post just a couple of days ago as I was leaving for the day – I knew it would be stormy, but little did I know that it would get REALLY bad – something I’ll still write and post about).

Today’s challenge won’t be being asked the same question over again, or exhibits not working. Today’s challenge will just be driving and exploring a few heritage sites. While I spent two weeks doing training and have seen these, there are two new staff for the season that I will be taking to a few of the sites. Should be an interesting day!

I had a few busy days off, but I got lots of work done during them too! On top of regular chores of filling water tanks, cleaning everything else head to toe and even some laundry… I filled the propane tank! (Well, the man… Randy?, was the one to actually hook it up and fill it, but I did everything else. Don’t fret – a photo how-to is to come : )

Thank you also for the a mail. Those of you that have sent things, I haven’t responded yet, but please know I really appreciate it. (And if you haven’t sent anything, this isn’t a plea for you to do so, don’t fret).

I’m off once again to finish getting ready for work, finish my french-pressed coffee and make sure i’ve got everything tucked away in case of strong winds while i’m gone today, since Ethan won’t be much help while hiding underneath something if it does storm bad. Work also continues with program creation and practice – I’m currently working on a Union Building (where the visitor’s center is) tour


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