Sun is shining again!

Thank goodness – the sun decided to come out. I don’t have long to post (as I should go on an adventure this evening) but wanted to let you know a little more than I was able to write on my Twitter post.

Everything is fine – there were just a few very severe storms this past week. Nothing was damage with my place or the Visitors center, but it did mean internet was out for a bit and such.

Work has continued on, with a second day of traveling with some new employees, working on programing outlines and information gathering, as well as simply being in the visitors center while the contractors are working on things (this = lots of parts everywhere, more strange noises than normal, and all sorts of people wanting different things. Nothing horrible, just adds a few interesting spins to the day!) for the final install of the visitors center.

Some of you have asked me about photos in my uniform – i’m working on it! We will be doing some photos of the staff as well, and I wanted to make sure for this to get something better than an old school “myspace” photo. I may have said this before, but I’ll say it again. It hasn’t gotten old yet, wearing that uniform, and i’m not sure if it will or not. Every time I put it on I feel a sense of pride, and very deep responsibility. I really feel the badge on my skin and patch on my arm are something that really matter, and that really could make a difference for someone that I meet… that me being there in the green and grey could inspire them to go and try new things, take a step towards conservation and preservation, or to simply follow a dream or an unknown path. I say that not because I feel that I have all the right tools to do so, no, not by any means. But I do take it extremely seriously and think about all of the park rangers, teachers, professors, and random people that I have meet that have either really gone after a dream, or worked towards the unknown and wear that uniform to thank all of them.

I’m going to sign off now, because I’ve been typing and thinking all day, and hence not extremely certain that everything above makes sense. But just know that I am working hard, learning a LOT, and actually meeting some pretty neat people too. Okay, time to get outside now..  maybe i’ll enjoy the Waterway or climb my tree again today..


One comment on “Sun is shining again!

  1. Mom of Katherine says:

    Katherine, you are an inspiring person and motivate others, including me, to look – listen – and appreciate their surroundings. Keep doing what you are doing, everyone thinks you are very brave, assertive, infectious, and show true leadership abilities!

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