Propane Tank Refill Tutorial

Yep, this girl  got the propane tank refilled and documented (almost) the entire thing! So, here we go. Here is how I changed the 30 pound propane tank for the trailer…


Step One

Locate propane tanks (usually under a cover). Easy enough, right?








Step Two

Now comes the tools. Well, just one tool. To remove the tank from the trailer and the hoses and all that you’ll need an adjustable crescent wrench. Other tools will probably work, but this is what I used (yes, I did go buy a 12 in c-wrench all on my own – in a sundress).










Step Three

Before you do anything with the fancy crescent wrench make sure to turn of/close the tank. On the tank I have you do this by turning with the arrow that says “close”. Good so far?

Good, thought so.






Step Four

Now you’re ready to take the hose off. Be VERY careful that you spin this the correct way. On our tank it is “backwords”, so just be warned. Anyway – adjust the crescent wrench so you’ll have a good grip but can still move the wrench as you spin.







Step Five

Ta da! Now, remove the hose from the tank (remember, the nozzle on the top should be closed still). You’ll have to move this thing around a little bit when you’re taking it off later too.








Step Six

Here comes a fun part! Now spin the twirly thing on the top so that the bracket loosens up and the tank can come out. Carefully wiggle so that you can get it clamped off.







Step Seven

This part is pretty easy too. Put something on the car to cover the fabric, and put the tank in the car. I backed the seat up more too so that it wouldn’t slide so much.

Now, take the tank to the gas station/filling place and have them fill it up. Then… everything in reverse! (Think you’d got that, or need some photos? Smile.)










Now just get the tank out of the car… CAREFULLY lift it up, set it back in the holder and fasten it down. That’s all there is to it!



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