Travel Trailer Living – Photo!

Hello All –

As promised, I have some photos of the inside of my summer travel trailer home! Now, it is a small space so automatically looks cramped, and therefor some things looked clutter, although in real life it’s not nearly as it appears in these photos. I’ll try and get some newer and more ones up, but here’s a little peak!

This photo is taken from the kitchen area towards the bed (farthest from you), and other living area. The door is to the right, and is usually open when i’m here and it’s nice out. (Fun fact – the patterned pillows on the couch are actually outdoor pillows, so their all sorts of resistant, but still look fun inside, and then I take them outside!) I’ve also made a different quote poster for that photoframe since, and changed around some of the things you can see from the kitchen/table area.


Kitchen! (and CLEAN Dishes!) It’s very small, but I’m making it work. I cooked with electric skillet and propane mostly. Besides that I don’t have many appliance, just a toaster and water boiler for french-press coffee. The oven does work, although the camper gets warm very quickly, so I cook several things in one sitting if I do that – which works for dinners throughout the week then. Or I just stick to the handy skillet. The above and below photo are both taken from the middle of the open(er) area in the living area.

This isn’t the best photo, but you get the idea. The table! (which is also another bed). Convenient that there is only one of me, as there is good storage space underneath. I’ve since also moved the books/box to another shelf in the same area, but the bears stayed!


As you can tell, organization is tricky in 237 square feet, even for one person and a cat. What I love having though (there is a closet across from this makeshift bunk-bed storage area) are the blue stacking shelves. We’ve always had these for vacation, and make it easy to organize and have your own space. Now i’m able to use all of them and not share! Laundry baskets have also worked well for my pantry. While I keep limited fresh food, I do have quite a bit of oils, dried ready to cook meals, bisquick, etc. that I can easily get things going with. The other part of the bunks that you can’t see as much are also used for other dry storage (fishing things, packs, sleeping bag, etc)


I’ll get new outside photos as well soon! I’ve added to me “porch” and have a nice little sitting area here too now, so that i’m closer to Ethan: )








2 comments on “Travel Trailer Living – Photo!

  1. Carolee Salat says:

    just…I’m jealous. Looks like fun, Kath. Enjoy the adventure!

  2. "Big" Grandpa" says:

    Katherine,this makes me miss our trailer. Pray all is well and that this summer is great. Have fun.

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