Photo Update of 1/2 Way Point

Well folks, looks like days off are my best posting days. I have been on a few adventures though with my time, and otherwise enjoying getting wrapped up in the woods, beach, and summer reads. I’ve decided i’ll go through some of my pictures and post more, to give you a (possibly out of order) account of what’s been happening. Clearly I meant to post this earlier, but then bad internet happened, followed my lots of time with the rents! Overall things are really great, and i’ve got some neat things coming up. Possibly out of order, i’ll post photos in a way of explaining some of the other things i’ve been doing with my summer so far.   Yes, here it is. Katherine in uniform outside of the Calumet Visitors Center, Keweenaw National Historical Park. I have to say, it does feel pretty great in the green and grey here. I’ve gotten to explore building ruins too! This is a dryhouse (a lockeroom essentially) near the Quincy Mine in Hancock, MI. While most will fall into even more disrepair, this one has been capped a bit to save it from having even more water seep between the poor rock foundations.

Why yes, this is the Snoemometer! Had to take the tourist photo, which shows (at the red arrow) where the snow was last year, a dry winter.

This place is full of stories, layered and nestled together.. just like sunsets are here, blocked and interjected by the modern layers. The stories of above and below ground mining histories… the storefronts… the environmental impact.. all of it twist and turns together.

I’m defiantly enjoying the quite time too. There’s so much to do and see, but after a long day of being “on” and working with visitors all day, the me time is super awesome. Taking lots of photos (or more than I had been) but also just watching and appreciating things.. absorbing it all.

I’ve met some pretty neat people along this journey too. They’re risk takers, caring, real, down to earth, honest.. the list goes on. They all care for the world, our jobs, and overall the kindness of human kind. They’ve encouraged me through work, and to break past the comfort zones. I’m so grateful for all they’ve done to get me here, encourage me, and continue pushing and exploring with me, along with even just relaxing and all that. Keep people like that around you, and be one of those for others too.

This was a really neat place. The White Pines here are about 600 years old, some a little younger, but still. The trails are pretty short, and it’s just overall a pretty neat place. It was a great fourth, and the sun shining was just glorious on my face..


All for now, I need to plan for my trip. Did I mention I’m going to Isle Royale for a few days? Well, I will be. I’ll be leaving on the boat later next week, and out for 4 nights, then back. : )



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