Isle Royale Bound


Yes. I am Isle Royale bound in just over a week from today. I’ll be taking the Ranger III over and back, with about 3/4 good days of backpacking between.. I’m very excited to get back out there, plan my way, and do this thing on my own. I’m taking everything I’ve bee taught, led, shown, and all of those things that were even indirect or just a seed that was planted way back when. If you’ve been and have some suggestions (East side of the island) for me, let me know. I have my hands on a lot of resources here too, but more never hurts (although it’s my call in the end!)


The only thing i’m afraid of right now?

Loving it so much I want to stay, or at least to have to come back more and more/longer period of time.





2 comments on “Isle Royale Bound

  1. I hope you get some great wildlife photos.

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