School Is On The Mind

Hello followers…

How is it that i’m back to civilization with fast internet and i’m not posting on here?

Well… i’m probably enjoying a full fridge and giant shower … that’s what i’m telling myself.


Geoffrey and I spent today running some more errands for school, and now the packing has once more begun. How many more years of this until i’ll be moving in a little more permanently? Maybe by then i’ll have things paired down and all matched enough to make picking wall colors a breeze, right? 🙂


Being home is a little stranger than normal. I’m not sure what it is… it’s not bad by any means (the house feels like a MANSION!).. but just different than all the other times i’ve come home. Perhaps things shifted and I grew more than the other times i’ve been gone, and looking at how much of school I have left and decisions that i’ll have to make soon. By no means am I ready (but I know, who ever is), but i’ve gained skills this summer that help with all of that.

Being out of the Keweenaw also helps in really understanding all I did… while the lack of posts is somewhat out of laziness, I am also trying to figure out how to put into words what happened up there.. not just the things I learned at work, but how to explain the feelings of hiking and going on adventures, and enjoying just living… not just to share, but hopefully explain how I feel in a way that get others excited about doing new things, getting out there, scaring yourself a bit, and feeling tiny for just long enough to want to make a difference…


Well… it’s been swell, but I need some more sweet iced tea (yum!) and to keep completely filling bins with books…er.. I mean half way 🙂    *Dad doesn’t like them completely full, because they are HEAVY. Half with books, half with sheets.


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