It’s amazing how in just 5 minutes the next 4 months of your life can be planned…


Soooo many thin…

Soooo many things going on. 

Currently returning from a long weekend with the family. Unfortunately there’s still another flight and homework to do, but i’ll sure sleep well this weekend! 

Photos and maybe a story to come soon. 

Thanks for checking back, whomever you are. My posts are lousy recently and with school going on, but i’ll try and think up a fun story to post for you. 

Opportunities – President Carter

Hello all.

I’m bad at this right now, I know. Want another rundown of things quick? And i’ll expand later…

Tonight former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn will be speaking at Drake University for the Bucksbaum Lecture. If you’re interested you can also follow along live (with a pretty good seat to it all!) by starting here –

some other information is.. here….


Besides that classes are going well.. they consist of lectures, eating strange foods and talking about food adaption, some painting, and some catching of bugs and mounting them. Looking forward to a busy weekend, complete with a first day of sailing for my JTerm LEAD at Sea course.

Hopefully more soon….

Can you tell?

Can you tell classes have started and homework along with that?


Yes, yes it has. I’ll get things up here… hopefully this weekend…

Here’s a tidbit for now though – one of my courses involves eating new plant based food I haven’t had before… totally me! It’s shaping up to be a (hopefully) great semester 🙂

School Is On The Mind

Hello followers…

How is it that i’m back to civilization with fast internet and i’m not posting on here?

Well… i’m probably enjoying a full fridge and giant shower … that’s what i’m telling myself.


Geoffrey and I spent today running some more errands for school, and now the packing has once more begun. How many more years of this until i’ll be moving in a little more permanently? Maybe by then i’ll have things paired down and all matched enough to make picking wall colors a breeze, right? 🙂


Being home is a little stranger than normal. I’m not sure what it is… it’s not bad by any means (the house feels like a MANSION!).. but just different than all the other times i’ve come home. Perhaps things shifted and I grew more than the other times i’ve been gone, and looking at how much of school I have left and decisions that i’ll have to make soon. By no means am I ready (but I know, who ever is), but i’ve gained skills this summer that help with all of that.

Being out of the Keweenaw also helps in really understanding all I did… while the lack of posts is somewhat out of laziness, I am also trying to figure out how to put into words what happened up there.. not just the things I learned at work, but how to explain the feelings of hiking and going on adventures, and enjoying just living… not just to share, but hopefully explain how I feel in a way that get others excited about doing new things, getting out there, scaring yourself a bit, and feeling tiny for just long enough to want to make a difference…


Well… it’s been swell, but I need some more sweet iced tea (yum!) and to keep completely filling bins with books…er.. I mean half way 🙂    *Dad doesn’t like them completely full, because they are HEAVY. Half with books, half with sheets.