Pssst!….A Few of My Favorite Things…


Yes, yes…here they are!  Here are some of my favorite things!

1200 acres of prime northwoods land, Conserve School offers a fantastic semester experience for upper level high school students. Daily curricula of sitting at a desk and answering questions not you’re thing? How about taking a hike and sitting next to (or in!) a lake while writing a paper or painting? This is for you to try. Look no further.

Days of sitting and pondering. Doodling, drawing and daydreaming. I picture myself in a window seat, when really i’m at my desk escaping to the delicate and intricate writtings of a few amazing men. Who are these people that weave and spin and dance and draw images in my mind? Well, The Whethermen of course! Maybe someday I can grow to be one…

Classic. Fun. Grown-up. Sundresses for “big girls”. Classic, sometimes with a twist. Simple, and elegant. Yes, it’s Modcloth. (WARNING – can be very addictive.)

Food and other wonderful things section right here! Check it – Canning, D-I-Y-ing It, and Homes!

Founded by an actress and a friend, Green Is Sexy promotes reasonable smart “green-ness”. Easy to read and understand, and apply to every day activities. Composting toilets and zero carbon footprints too much for you?  Look no further, because this…this you can handle.

Mother, mentor and friend. Photos of self, land and other abstracts. She’s Carolee, and here’s her stuff…please take a look.

Take a spin with ordinary life, I’ve tried to better my skills and eye. Still just at the very beginning of my travels, but perhaps worth perusing over a bit. It’s Katherine Joy’s photography folks.

Their favorites are my favorites! Aveda’s favorite products!


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