Shop With Meaning

Shop with meaning – social responsibility

These days with “eco”, organic, one-for-one, fair trade.. and the list goes on…. people don’t know where to turn, what to choose, or the most basic question where to start. While I haven’t completely overhauled my wardrobe either, as the pieces I have are still wearable (and that is better than just throwing them out (which, you should up-cycle or donate/pass on anyway)) I should pay more attention to where my cloths come from and what they say. And by say, I don’t mean graphic tees that say “volunteer” or “go green”. While those are good messages, the clothing and accessories that really make a difference are the ones that are made by employees who get paid, are treated well, fabrics that are healthy for the earth while being grown, processes, and ultimately as clothing.

Take a look below for some social responsible companies – while there may be a slightly higher price tag to some of them, why wouldn’t you vote with your purchase for the mother of 4 who sews all day to get a fair wage when we goes home? Please share if you have other favorite brands or good reading on this issue.

Socially Responsible Companies:


Mountain Equipment Co-Op

Free People

American Apparel



Some new to me…

Threads 4 Thought



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