Campfires, hot cocoa and sleeping under the stars. Dinners full of laughter that start with dessert. I’m part business/classic/prep, part layered and funky, part stained with paint and rips, and part I don’t care what you think. A mob of friends and solo nights. Tea, scones and a movie on a Friday night. Stretching before bed and mediations … as procrastination sometimes. Dressing up and having fun. Dancing for fun, not worries what you think about me. I’m a listener and a chatter. A neighbor and friend and cuddle buddy. Let’s walk into a classroom and make a difference. Spread a little green space all around – no matter how small. Seemingly small and insignificant moments becoming the best parts of my day. Explorer. Pencil skirt and pumps. Basketball games in comfies. Summer nights and dewing grass. Orange moons and winter mocs.


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